Our Services.

We add the spice, not take over the kitchen.

We offer a full range of PR services, but that’s it. We’re not trying to be marketers or advertisers or all things to all people. We know what we excel at, PR, and that’s what we offer our clients.

This makes us agile and adaptable. We can work with you, your marketing department or your advertising or design agency without stepping on anyone’s toes – we add the spice, not take over the kitchen.

For us, the aim is simple and clear – use the most efficient media pathways to build our client profiles. To find those pathways, sometimes you have to think differently. And that’s our passion.


The Press Gallery includes some of the best news writers and publicists in South Australia. We know what news is, where your story will make its mark and how to get it out there. We don’t just write press releases and send to random media outlets with no strategy, we invest in your profile from start to finish. We learn your story, work with you to shape it, and then use our extensive media network to target your audience. Our work is easy to measure because it’s visible; in the public eye.


The Press Gallery offers a fully integrated approach to communications, including digital and social media. The ability to engage on a range of social media platforms is paramount to remaining relevant. Our social media services are tailored to your unique objectives, and include content creation, day-to-day social media channel management, advertising campaigns and analytics. We also offer strategy development, policy guidance and audits to assist businesses with sustainable social media systems and processes.


We love writing stories, but not just any stories… stories that are compelling and emotive, that engage readers and spur conversations. Our team comprises former journalists, feature writers and public relations specialists who are experts in delivering creative content. Whether it’s crafting pieces for social media, newsletters, magazines, websites or press releases, we’ll make your story stand out and capture the attention of your audience.


The Press Gallery offers unique and eye-catching video press releases that bring life to traditional press releases – effectively, we replicate a television news story by crafting key messages for on-screen subjects (in relevant locations), before editing the vision, mixing the sound, and then sending it to the media. As it’s ready to go, news teams can easily incorporate a video press release into a news item, saving them time, resources and money. This works well for regional, national and global stories. Of course, the video can also be posted on

relevant social media, exposing you or your business to an international audience.


The Press Gallery employs only the best news and lifestyle photographers in Adelaide – all have worked in newsrooms and are familiar with media deadlines and photography requirements. We don't just take a photograph, we set the scene through visual creativity – stories are often sold on the image. We also offer a Video Production service, overseeing the creation and completion of high quality corporate videos (for presentation or promotion). Using our pool renowned videographers, we ensure your message is consistent, goals are met

direction is followed, and the end product looks amazing.


The Press Gallery offers editing for things like industry awards submissions, corporate reports, end of financial year reports, tender documents, internal branding documents, stakeholder engagement materials, customer letters or any other form of communication. We understand that creating these documents is tedious enough – let us take the hassle of editing them from you.



PR isn't just about landing a story in a local newspaper or television station. It’s also about communicating with your staff and stakeholders. We can assist by crafting high-quality content for internal corporate communications, including newsletters, electronic direct mail, letters, reports and anything else that helps convey messages within your company.


Social media is the number one conduit for businesses to market their products and services – it’s free and easy to use. Social media influencers play an important role in this process; some have thousands of followers who are eager to mimic their behaviours, style and trends. Their reach potential is huge and so it can be very beneficial for companies to develop strong relationships with influencers. The Press Gallery regularly engages social media influencers and other local celebrities to help market and promote our clients (or their services and products).



Every business and organisation faces issues, and some will encounter crises. How you deal with these situations can have a profound effect on your reputation – it can mean the difference between loss of business and emerging in a stronger position. The Press Gallery has a culture of preparedness. We work with clients to mitigate risk and plan for the worst (should a crisis occur). However, if you’re already in crisis mode, we’re ready to step in to support you – we are rapid responders who have the experience and expertise to quickly break down complex issues and provide respectful, frank and assertive advice. Whether we are required to protect, enhance or restore a reputation, The Press Gallery is ready to act on your behalf.

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