Why a social first approach could be killing your PR reach and sales leads

In looking at many marketing and PR/publicity efforts lately a trend we are seeing is businesses releasing everything on social media first and not realising that in doing this they make their story ”un-PR-able” as journalists and their audiences are interested in NEW news that hasn’t been told already.

In most cases it can be best to plan use social media as the second phase and allow PR to do its job first.

Why? You risk losing the opportunity to spread the word via traditional media.

What does that mean? Your reach will be limited to your current followers and rely on them to share it.

Why does that matter? When the audience exposed to your message has been massively reduced it can impact seriously on lead and sales.

Our tip?

Get your marketing, PR and social media people and plans together and formulate a cohesive overarching plan so you hit all your publicity targets and don’t miss out on opportunities.


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